Charging and discharging technology perfected.




With the bidirectional battery inverter TruConvert from TRUMPF Hüttinger, you can optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your redox flow battery storage system. The high efficiency of the bidirectional AC/DC conversion and the fast reaction to load changes enable the optimal yield usage from renewable energies and the operation of micro-grids with high network quality.







Maximum power on a flexible wave


Perfect design for your battery storage system

The bidirectional battery inverters TruConvert from TRUMPF Hüttinger were specially developed for use with redox flow batteries. They are suitable, however, for any other batteries, for example lithium-ion batteries or lead batteries. They stand out for their fast response time and very high efficiency, and enable the direct connection of low-volt batteries to the 3-phase alternating current network.


Even for load jumps above 200%, the battery inverters react in less than 5 ms. Efficiency of ≥ 96 % enables the very energy-efficient operation of your battery storage.

n   Short reaction times

Even for load jumps of more than 200%, the battery inverter responds in less then 5 ms.

n   High efficiency

Efficiency of ≥ 96% enables the very efficient operation of the battery storage.

n   Ideal for micro-grids

The ability to handle unbalanced loads and idle power ensures high network quality in island networks.

n   Charging and discharging from 0 V

No external power pack is needed to form a redox flow battery.

n   Robust/industrial design

The battery inverters are designed to have a service life of at least 20 years.

n   Scalability

Parallel connection of individual modules for high power requirements.






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