DC Pulsed Plasma Excitation

Pulsed DC / Highpulse(HiPIMS) / Bias 4000 series


DC Plasma Excitation


DC Pulsed Plasma Excitation from TRUMPF Hüttinger is ideally suited for use in numerous reactive processes. In contrast to simple direct current generators, pulsed direct current enables the processing of semi and non-conducting materials, such as oxides. Common applications for pulse generators include hard material coating, as well as etching and coating processes in semi-conductor production.


DC Power Supply1KW ~ 240KW






TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2)

Pulsed processes for brilliant surfaces


Effortless handling of difficult processes

The TruPlasma DC Series 4000 (G2) was specially developed for reactive DC sputtering with heavy materials. The generators, which work with pulsed direct current, are particularly well proven in critical PVD and PECVD processes, which require both the highest coating quality and productivity. The compact DC process power supplies can be used in both pulsed and bias mode – two devices in one housing!

n   High coating quality and productivity

n   The best results, even in critical processes

n   Simple process adjustment

n   Compact and robust design



TruPlasma DC Serie 4000

Crystal clear: Pulsed processes for perfect surfaces


The first choice for demanding plasma processes

The generators of the TruPlasma DC Series 4000 are the first choice for demanding plasma processes. They provide full performance over a wide load adjustment range. Thus, they qualify for high-tech sputtering applications as well as additional standard or pulsed DC plasma applications. Like the non-pulsed generators, they have excellent arc management.

n   Stable processes for consistent results

n   Excellent arc management

n   A generator for many processes








TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000

High-density plasma for superior coating results


The first choice for HiPIMS applications

The generators in the TruPlasma Highpulse Series 4000 can be used as an alternative to DC sputter generators in current magnetron systems without any modifications.

n   Excellent coating properties

Impulses of up to 8 MW create an extremely dense plasma for optimum coating results.

n   Flawless coating and adhesion

Excellent process results for high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS).

n   Different power classes

Pulse power from 1 MW to 8 MW, average power from 10 kW to 20 kW.








TruPlasma Bias Series 4000

Stable and multi-functional


Universal generators for your sputtering process

The TruPlasma Bias Series 4000 is a state-of-the-art family of pulsed DC bias generators. They offer pulse frequencies of up 100 kHz and continuous bias output. In particular, the generators support the optical and metallic coating applications used in semiconductor technology or hard material coating, for example. They are also well-suited for applications with comparable voltage and current requirements.

n   High and low-voltage mode

n   Fast arc management

n   Stable and reproducible process results


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